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Project News and Updates

We Need Your Help!

We were delivered a 13 month old boy on Thanksgiving day. Our boy was very sick and nobody had noticed!

He was unable to walk or talk any words and he was severely dehydrated.

When we saw him we immediately took him to our little town's hospital. He was there for 2 days. No improvement despite very good care.

We decided to bring him to the city where he was admitted on an emergency basis and diagnosed with malnutrition and duodenal atresia.
In addition he had RSV, norovirus, and mycoplasma.

After the diagnoses were established, he had to be fed through the vein and stabilized to have surgery.

He had surgery on Friday Dec 6th and he is doing very well by the grace of God.

His medical care has been excellent. Not to mention the love he has received from so many people, medical and non medical.

The medical care has been inexpensive compared to the States. He has had imaging, endoscopy, surgery and many meds and 24 hour (excellent) care for $11,000 dollars; not expensive but a big blow to our budget.

We pray God will move hearts to help us replace that amount so we can continue taking care of the children God assigns to us. We have 3 kids at home, cared for our very efficient, loving staff.

Thank you for helping us.

Your tax deductible donation can be sent to:
The Ezra Project
P. O. Box 3972
Pasco, WA 99302
- or - 
- or in Guatemala send your donation to:
El Proyecto Ezra de Guatemala
Account number:
38 59 00 58 27

 Thank you!!  We appreciate your support and prayers.

Update - October 2019

By the grace of God, Pastor Daniel Kwon, from A Cup of Water International, ACOWI, installed a clean water system in the home, and we were able to let the Guatemalan judges know we are ready to receive babies and children.

We opened our doors on September 18th!!!

Pastor Daniel is coming back to our town to explore how God will direct him to help our water situation. Please pray for Pastor Daniel, his family, and ministry.

If you wish to contribute to Pastor Daniel's organization the address is 
A Cup of Water International (ACOWI)
P.O. Box 9809
Kansas City, MO 64134


Our New House

The house has been furnished and fixed to be the home for 5 babies and 2-4 children not older than 12 years of age. This is the profile of the Isaiah 58 Home as established with the Consejo Nacional de Adopciones (C N A).

Isaiah 58 Home

The license to open the Isaiah 58 Home is near. We had to have 3 different government agencies approve us. The Ministry of Education: approved. The Department of Health: approved. We are just waiting for approval of the Psychological Plan and the final physical inspection of the Home. We have had already one favorable inspection, when we were still painting the house.

The Ezra Project of Guatemala

The Ezra Project of Guatemala is a legal entity. We have The Ezra Project in the USA and we have formed the non-profit in Guatemala so we can be a legal entity. The SAT (Guatemala IRS version) procedures for non-profit status are almost completed.

Our Guatemalan Associates

 Through the process with the C.N.A. (Consejo Nacional de Adopciones) and other Guatemalan government agencies, we have met many capable, professional, and compassionate Guatemalans. We are thankful for their willingness to work with us and their encouragement and help to continue a very cumbersome process.